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iPad Mini: Should I get one?

Posted on 11/6/2012 by SuperUser Account in iPad mobile devices ipad mini Apple

Apple's "biggest" addition to the iPad family just happens to be the smallest iPad yet. The question is, "Do I upgrade? Is it worth it?".

Late last month, Apple wowed us again with the announcement of a new, smaller iPad, named the iPad mini.  This past Friday, Apple officially made the WiFi only version of the iPad mini available for sale.  The device works like it's larger siblings in every way, but is smaller, thinner and lighter.

One of the many questions on everyone's mind is, "What?!?!  Didn't Apple just release a new iPad earlier this year?"  That's a question/debate for another time...  The other question on most people's mind is, "Is it worth the money to upgrade, or should I wait?"  The quick answer to the question is, "It depends."  "Depends on what?", you ask?  It depends on whether or not you feel the upgrade is justifiable and whether or not the smaller form factor has a place in your business.

Check out Engadget's review of the iPad mini:

 Let us know what you think!


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