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Backups... Ugh!

Posted on 2/4/2012 by SuperUser Account in backups data protection disaster recovery

You know that you should be backing up your business' critical data, but you might say to yourself, "I don't have the time to make sure that my backups are setup properly and are running when they should." or "I have this external hard drive or (USB device), I'll just copy my info on to that and I'll be protected, right?" Backing up your data can be quick and easy, if you have the right tools. We'll show you how you can put together a data backup strategy that fits the unique needs of your busienss.

This blog post explains the different types of data backups.  Protecting yoru business' data may involve choosing a few different backup types in order to make sure that your business can recover quickly in the event of a business disaster.

  • Online backups
  • Disk imaging
  • Backup copies



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